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Owen on studying theology

June 8, 2008

John Owen, the greatest of Puritan theologians, says this of the motives of those who study theology:

For those laboring in the vineyard of the Lord, the Providence of God provides, more usually than not, a wonderful additional consolation.  The seed that they sow in the earth may well be raked by malicious attacks and covered with the dung of abuse, but it will spring up more mightily and abundantly than any which saw nothing but the sweet smelling breezes of popular applause. . . .

The greatest obstacle to all students of theology is an inborn and destructive darkness of mind.  Seek to break through that by the power and Spirt of Him who once commanded light to shine forth out of darkness. — (John Owen: Biblical Theology, “Epistle to the reader,” pp. xxiii-xxvi)


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