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Gordon Clark on the wealth of Christians

October 7, 2008
In his commentary, Colossians, Dr. Gordon Clark connects Christian maturity and Christian wealth.
Examining Colossians 2:2,

in order that their hearts may be confirmed, being united in love and to all the wealth of the full conviction of the understanding, to knowledge of the secret of God of Christ…

Dr. Clark asks,

“What does the wealth of a Christian consist of? Answer: It consists of the fullness of the understanding. One’s full conviction of the understanding is the settled and fixed persuasion that one comprehends the truth, and that it is the truth that is comprehended. Such a one is not blown hither and yon by every wind of doctrine. A person ever learning and never able to grasp the truth is not Paul’s ideal.”

Dr. Clark emphasizes the same idea, but addresses Christian maturity, in his exposition of Colossians 1:28, particularly the phrase, [Christ] whom we preach:

“To be mature is to have an extensive knowledge of Christ. Since God would not have put a means in Paul’s hands insufficient to attain God’s and Paul’s purpose, and since the means was the preaching of Pauline theology, it follows that maturity is a knowledge and belief in those holy doctrines. That is why, again, he said, “Whom we preach.”

And so, according to Dr. Clark, Christian maturity is knowledge and belief in the doctrine taught by Paul, and the wealth of the Christian is full understanding of the truth of this doctrine. Wealth and maturity are, for the Christian, effectively the same blessing.





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